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Calming dog pillow.

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Color: Blue

Product Description:

             Introducing the Calming dog pillow – the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend relaxed and content, anytime and anywhere! This ingenious pillow is specifically designed to provide a soothing and calming effect, helping your dog find comfort and tranquility during moments of anxiety or restlessness.

           Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Calming dog pillow offers a plush and luxurious experience for your canine companion. Its soft and velvety exterior creates a cozy and inviting space that your furry friend will immediately be drawn to. The generous sizing ensures ample room for your dog to stretch out, curl up, or find their favorite sleeping position.



           What sets this pillow apart is its innovative design that incorporates soothing elements to create a zen-like atmosphere. The pillow is equipped with a built-in pouch that holds a fragrant lavender sachet, releasing a calming scent known for its relaxation properties. The gentle aroma helps to ease stress and anxiety, providing your dog with a sense of tranquility and calmness.

           Furthermore, the Calming dog pillow features an integrated heating pad, which can be adjusted to your dog's preferred temperature. The gentle warmth promotes relaxation, easing muscle tension and providing a cozy spot for your pooch to unwind. With customizable heat settings, you can ensure the perfect level of comfort for your beloved companion.

          Not only is the Calming dog pillow a fantastic way to provide relaxation, but it also offers practical benefits. The pillow is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for traveling or simply moving around the house. It is also easy to clean, as the cover is removable and machine-washable, allowing for hassle-free maintenance.

         Whether your dog experiences separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, or just needs a little extra comfort during naptime, the Calming dog pillow is the ultimate solution. It's like a personal oasis of calm for your four-legged friend, promoting their overall well-being and happiness.


        Invest in the serenity and comfort of your cherished companion with the Calming dog pillow. Watch as your dog finds solace and relaxation, feeling safe and secure in their own special space. Give them the gift of tranquility and make their days – and nights – a little more peaceful with this extraordinary pillow.

Product information:

Color: 26X18CM
Specifications: blue, yellow, white, pink
Material: cloth pp Cotton
Applicable object: Cat
Category: pet bed, Cage

Packing list:

Pet pillow * 1/4pcs

Product Image:

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Calming dog pillow.
Calming dog pillow.
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